Smt Drakshayani Kalyanshettar Public School​

​Shakti colony, Near Adhyapak Nagar, Hubli-580032. Karnataka​
                         Contact No: +91836-2958579/ 8904262165                              

E-MAIL: indiradkpublicschool@gmail.com


SCHOOL NO: 45206


Members Of The Student Welfare Committee    

    Chairman Of J K Education Society               -  Shri Jagadish C Kalyanshettar
                                                                               Santosh Nagar, Hubli 

​    Vice - Chairperson Of J K Education Society  -  Smt Savita J Kalyanshettar
                                                                               Santosh Nagar, Hubli

    Principal Of D K Public School                       -  Smt Indira Vijaykumar
                                                                               Mayuri Estate, Hubli

    Renowned Person                                         -     Dr. Govind Mannur
                                                                                Shakti Colony, Hubli

    Teacher Of D K Public School                        -  Smt Reena Morab
                                                                              Mantur Road, Hubli

    Parent Of D K Public school                           -  Smt Asha Nayak
                                                                              Sulla Road, Hubli​​

About Us

Aims & Objectives

-  Mrs. Indira Vijaykumar



           The Institution from the time of its inception (2008), has put forth its best of its efforts in spreading its light of knowledge. Under the creative guidance of Shri Jagadish Kalyanshettar. Chairman of J.K. Education Society, Shri Basavaraj Kalyanshettar, President and Shri Siddalingesh Kalyanshettar, Secretary. The all round personality  of the student is also well groomed by the various co-scholastic activities imparted in the school. The calm serene atmosphere, spacious campus and classrooms, have nurtured the growth of academics, sports & co-scholastic activities in the students. We have classes from NUR to Std X under the CBSE curriculum.

 Man with creative vision and broad perspective plans for the future generation.

He has contributed a lot to the field of education, through his Institutions,

for his remarkable outlook the State Government has presented him with

"BHARAT VIKAS RATNA NATIONAL AWARD". The award was presented by

Honorable Kannada and Cultural Minister Shri Govind Karjol, Former Minister

Shri P.G.R Sindhia and Former Union Minister Shri M.V. Rajashekaran. 




                                                                                    Educational aspects should be wide scale with wide perspective.

                                                        such thought should be unifying & comprehensive concerning to                                                                  contemporary age. Unifying means it should be one framework all                                                                inclusive from Pre-primary to high school .It unifies the personality of                                                          a person rather than fragmenting. Comprehensive means all the                                                                    matters  related to character development & contemporary education                                                            means education i.e eternal. Education should be life long & learning                                                           for it starts from Pre-primary of Primary. As a matter & of fact                                                                      progress & development of nation depends on quality & standard                                                                   of education which offers solution to emerging problems, produces                                                              leaders of all segments of the society & also enables better utilization                                                           of available resource.​






The main aim and objective of the school is to imbibe values, knowledge through activities, bringing about holistic development in a child. The co-scholastic, areas cater to areas beyond the intellectual level, where in the 3H's are involved bringing about an all round development of a child. So emphasis is laid even in co-scholastic activities.

Dear Parents,
To mould a student in the right perspective, parents and teachers have to work proactively

as a team. with proper co-ordination. So your co-operation and support is needed to bring

out the best from your child. Learning is a process which is based on relationships,

teacher with student, student with subject, and learning with memory. Education has

always been a milestone of the society, At D.K. School, it is our endeavour to delve deeper

into the true purpose of education by giving our students opportunities not only in academics

but also in co-curricular activities, creating  an environment that is positive, inspiring,

challenging and stimulating.

We want each one of our students to follow their bliss, blaze new trails and open new doors. Under the able guidance of our Chairman Shri Jagadish Kalyanshettar who shapes over a thousand minds each day, I assure you that D.K. School will always remain as the foremost​  temple of learning.​


  "Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trial"

                                                          School Details 


​​Emergency Numbers

 Child Help Line -1098

Ashok Nagar Police Statio - 0836 - 2233490

  Smt Pushpalata - P.S.I - 9480802038

                                                     Police Control Room- 0836 - 2233555                                                                  
  District Commissioner-0836 - 2233888
  Hubli - Dharwad Commissioner Of Police- 0836 - 2233544
Police Superintendent-                                    0836 - 2233205
D.D.P.I-                                                            0836 - 2448250
                     District Child Safety Unit-                               0836 - 2742420/9332643017

Mrs. Savita J kalyanshettar


Mr. Jagadish Kalyanshettar


1. Name of the School with address                       Smt.Drakshayani Kalyanshettar Public School 
   (Strictly as per Affiliation sanction                   ShaktiColony,NearAdhyapaknagar, Goppankoppa     R.S.No.179/1A/2 Letter or as permitted                 Dharwad ( KARNATAKA) HUBLI-580031. 
    by the Board ) with pin code no.                                                                      

      (i)   E-mail                                                    indiradkpublicschool@gmail.com 

      (ii)  Ph no.                                                    91836-2958579

      (iii) Fax No.                                                  -------------

2. Year of establishment of school                       June  2008 

3. Whether NOC from State/UT      or                  STATE
  recommendation of Embassy of India 

      (i)  NOC NO. No :                                          ED 116 PGC 2008 

      (ii) NOC issuing date                                     14.03.2008 

4. Is the school is recognized,if yes by                Central Board of Secondary Education Delhi
   which Authority  

5. Status of affiliation                                        Provisional
   Permanent /Regular/Provisional
     (i) Affiliation No.                                           830277
     (ii) Affiliation with the Board since                 01-04-2009
     (iii) Extension of affiliation upto                     31-03-2022 

6. Name of Trust/Society/Company                    J.K.Education Society (R)
    Registered under Section 25 of   the 
    Company Act, 1956 

   Period upto which Registration of                    Every year RENEWED 
   Trust/Soiciety is valid 

7. List of members of school Managing 
   Committee with their Address/ tenure             School Committee
   is valid 

8.Name and official address of the Manager         Mr.JAGADISH .C.KALYANSHETTAR

  /President / Chairman/ Correspondent              Shakti colony,Near Adhyapak Nagar,

      (i)   E-mail                                                    shettarjk1@gmail.com
      (ii)  Ph.No.                                                    9980303579                   
      (iii)  Fax  No.                                                  Nil

9. Area of school campus   

      (i)   In Acres                                                  1 Acre  32.8 Guntas
      (ii)  In sq.mtrs                                               7323  Sq metre  
      (iii) Built up area (sq.mtrs)                            28880 Sq.feet 
      (iv) Area of playground in  sq.mtrs                 2500 Sq.metre
      (v) Other Facilities                                         25X36
      (vi) Swimming pool                                        25X36 
      (vii) indoor games                                          26x20
      (viii) Dance Rooms                                         26x20
      (ix) Gymnasium                                              ________
      (x) Music Rooms                                            26x20 feet
      (xi) Hostels                                                  ______
      (xii) Health and Medical   Check up                ______

10. Details of fee structure                                   Fee Structure 



11. Transport Facility
    (i) Own buses                                                    1 Bus
    (ii) Buses hired on contract basis
    (iii) Details of transport charges 

12. Particulars of teaching staff (to be 
   updated time to time)                                       Details of Teaching Staff 

13. Details of salary being paid by the 
school to teaching staff /non-teaching 
(to be updated time to time)                                 Details of Salary Paid to Teaching Staff 

14. Mode of payment of salary
    (i)Name of the Bank through which                   PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK 
     salary is drawing
    (ii) Through single cheque transfer                    Yes

    (iii) Individual cheque                                        NO
    (iv) Cash                                                             NO

15. Library Facilities
    (i) Size of the Library in sq.feet                          30x20 feet
    (ii) No of Periodicals                                           EIGHT
    (iii) No of Dailies                                                SIX
    (iv) No of Reference books class-wise                 List Enclosed
    (v) No of Magazine                                            Five 
    (vi) others 

16. Name of the Grievance /redressal                     Ms. Divya Awaji
   Officer With E-mail,Ph No , Fax No                   Mail ID-                     divyaawaji77@gmail.com/7813079177

17. Members of Sexual Harassment                       Mrs Preeti  S Bixawatimath       

18. Section wise enrollment of school 
    for the Current session                             Enrollment of School Current Session 

19. Academic session period                       From May 2020 to MARCH 2021 

20. Vacation period                                     From MID MARCH to MID MAY 

21. Admission period                                  From FEB to APRIL