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SCHOOL NO: 45206

77th Independence Day Celebrations 

The Chief Guest addressed the August Gathering & appreciated the Students involvement on this occasion & shared his experiences during his tenure in the  Army.
The Presidential Remarks was shared by the Chairman Congratulating & appreciating all the Little Stars who had presented themselves in an elite manner bringing out the patriotic feelings among the entire group gathered on this Glorious Occasion.


Swami Vivekananda Kids Park Inauguration 

An attractive recreational arena with colourful mind Engrossing Play Zone for Growing Buds of 

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA KIDS PARK was inaugurated on the occasion of 77th Independence Day Celebrations  15.08.2023 with a grandeur , fervour , and enthusiasm by our Little Stars who were replica of our Great Ancestors along with our Chief Guest Shri. Laxmappa Bhajantri ( Ex Army) Retd. Junior Commissioned Officer, Shri Jagadish Kalyanshettar - Chairman, Smt Savita Kalyanshettar - Vice Chairperson of  J K Education Society , Heads of the Institution, Parents, Staff & Students .

Swami Vivekananda Kids Park  is inside the School Compound to facilitate the Young Ones to enjoy themselves with all the play equipments during the School hours.

The Little Stars presented themselves as Mythological Characters, Gurus, Freedom Fighters, Scientists, Bhart Ratna , Gynana Peeth Poets & Writers, Ancient Inventors, Top Brass Business Men, Industrialists & Unity in Diversity State wise Attire Presentations arousing the patriotic feelings and bringing out the Richness & Glory of our Mother India along with elegant March Past, Patriotic Songs ,Hoops & Dumbles Drill.